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About Rosemary

Rosemary is the Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations for Healers & Psychics, she is a world renowned Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive, Minister, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker Author and an Ambassador for Peace. She is originally from Glasgow Scotland, moved to the states in Jan 1994 and now resides in Burbank California.

It is her goal to create a global organization so that people all over the world can actually, get consultations from credible ethical consultants. She has set the standards very high by creating her organization and only lets a select few into this organization.

It is her mission in life to help the planet and humanity any way she can. When 7 yrs old she was given a vision of living in the USA since then she has travelled the world extensively helping others, and now lives here. Her organizations are about bringing together credible & ethical healers and mediums, astrologer’s numerologists etc from all over the USA & Canada & the UK under one umbrella.

Rosemary brings to you her gift of communication with the Spirit world. Author of “Miracles from The Light” the life story of a Scottish Healer & Seer & has a meditation CD called “Miracles from The Light” “Heal Yourself” She is a Reiki Master and also teaches. A.M.A.H.T “Ascended Masters Healing Techniques” & “Beyond Reiki” TM Which she was taught by her guide Joshua.

She has appeared on TV and Radio shows, throughout the USA & Canada & Japan. The most recent being the Hit TV show “Pit Boss” on Animal Planet. She has also filmed with A&E & various other networks!

This year she will release her two new books “Healer Heal Thyself” The Teachings of Joshua a self help guide to healing yourself. And “A Mother & Her Indigo Child” another spiritual self help guide for parents with Indigo children.

Rosemary has had three N.D.E.’s  (near death experiences). It is her mission in life is to teach others to live from the heart, heal themselves from all illnesses and also so teach them how to communicate with their loved ones. She believes we all
have the gift it is just wither we choose to use it or not. Rosemary has people from all over the world who contact her, as they are interested in learning more about the techniques that she teaches!

She has crossed the paths of many people who have made a difference on this earth plane, one being Princess Diana. Rosemary was also a guest for the Director of UNESCO in Cairo Egypt in May 2005, and was invited to meet 60 Ambassadors from all over the world at a global conference for UNESCO, Rosemary is also an Ambassador For Peace For the Universal Peace Federation. Everyone who meets Rosemary, report life changing experiences.

Her motto is ” Light Workers Around The World Unite” We Too Can make A Difference”

Burbank CA:818 736 5171 or 818 736  7291 or Estes park CO 970 586 3565


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